About Riopack

About Riopack

Riopack Co. a leading company in Offset & Rotogravure printing, as an extension for Ashour Printing Press – since 1926.

Our experience in the market is very broad; Riopack delivers to its clients a wide variety of products in different packaging materials, such as: tea, Cigarette packs, aluminum inner wrapper for cigarette, macaroni, soaps wrappers, Antifungi stiffener board, detergents, butter & margarine labels, snacks, sweets, Gum, yogurt & diary  medicine boxes, soft & hard aluminum foil, medicine packaging for both the local market & export to allover the world.

Materials: BOPP (Transparent, Metalized and Perlized), PET (Transparent, Holograph and Metalized), hard & soft aluminum foil, both Paper & paper laminate used for 2,3,4&5 layers packaging material for liquid, granules and powder.

This is in addition to our offset section specialized in duplex board, (SBS corrugated board printing including hot stamping, imposing metalized board… etc.

Our board can be treated: Antifungi, coated P.E. or coated P.E.T Metalized, Transparent, Holograph laminates.